The Little Miami Joint Fire & Rescue District offers numerous services for the commercial and residential residents of the Village, such as knox boxes, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and fire inspections. If you need any of the services, please contact us. Our goal is to spend time in safety education and prevention, however, when the need arises to provide emergency services, the Little Miami Joint Fire & Rescue is there to respond to the community needs.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector can be distributed to fire district residents in need of a detector.   CO detectors are given especially to households with either elderly or young children living in the home. 

If you would like additional information or need a detector call us at 513-271-3636 

Operation Street Corner


This district service brings the firefighters and equipment out to the neighborhoods of the fire district. With Operation Street Corner, the on duty crew report to a predetermined location allowing residents to view the equipment, learn about fire and life safety programs available, and have the firefighters address any questions about the fire district.

Child Safety Seat Inspections


Inspection and instruction on proper installation and use of child safety seats for residents of the fire district. Residents may schedule an appointment by calling 513-271-3636 .Most inspections will take place at the Headquarters station.

Fire Safety Inspections






Fire Safety Inspections occur annually within the fire district.  Captain Steve Marks oversees the inspection program, with 8 fire inspectors assisting in the performing the fire safety inspection for all commercial properties within the fire district. 

The fire inspection program is a proactive approach to fire safety with the goal of keeping everyone in business.  Fire inspections will be conducted on all properties commercial or residential where there is a concern for life safety or fire safety. 

If you have any questions concerning the fire inspection program call us at 513-271-3636

Knox Box Systems





Knox Box systems allow fire department personnel rapid access to locked buildings without causing damage to doors or windows. 

Primarily used for commercial buildings for after hour access in event of fire alarm, the Knox Box system is now being utilized by elderly residents with medical alarms.  This allows emergency medical services entry without waiting on a neighbor or breaking in a door in the event the resident is unable to open the door. 

For more information on the Knox Box system contact us at C 513-271-3636 .

Some Contact Information


CPR Training
CPR Training is available by calling 513-271-6770  

Fire and Life Safety Training
Includes: Fire Prevention, Bike Helmet Safety, Burn Prevention,
Fall Prevention, Home inspections, Firehouse Tours, Fire Smoke House,
911 call Simulator, and Child Safety.

Fire and life safety training programs are beneficial and educational for 
school programs, programs for community groups, i.e. scouts, children’s
 play groups, senior citizen groups, 
and church groups.

For information on the Fire and Life Safety trainings
contact us at @ 513-271-3636  or .