Fire Safety of Warehouses


It is always necessary to clearly follow the rules of fire behavior established for forest facilities.

The onset of spring warm days is associated with the emergence of a fire hazard in the forests. Wildfire is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. Fire in a short time covers large areas. It destroys the root system of trees, destroys vegetation and animals, and can also spread to nearby buildings and houses. Caustic, toxic smoke will spread over long distances, causing deterioration in people’s well-being.


1. Protect the forest from fire.

According to statistics, the main cause of forest fires is the human factor. Dry grass fell in the same category. Ignition of dry vegetation is carried often out especially for acceleration of growth of a new grass and also as prevention of wildfires.

Fire breaks out instantly, and in the presence of wind, it spreads to trees, shrubs, and as a result, a natural fire begins, requiring the intervention of fire services. Strong winds and arid weather contribute to the spread of fiery sparks on tree branches.

Unfilled or smoldering fire, incineration of garbage near forests can also lead to significant natural fire. It is extremely rare, but the cause of fire in the forest can be a lightning strike, spontaneous combustion of natural peat deposits, a man-made accident, rupture or closure of electrical wires, intentional arson.

2. Prohibited forest actions.

When you plan a holiday in nature near green spaces or a picnic in a glove in a dense forest more often, it is recommended to study fire safety rules in advance. It is also not recommended to use any equipment, including a mangal or a grill plant for breeding fire, if there are trees with low lowered branches nearby.

2. 1. What to do if you find a fire

If there are obvious signs of fire in the forest zone, promptly report it to the fire department or administrative authorities of this settlement. Next, measures should be taken to extinguish the fire, but only if the fire is small. The use of improvised means such as land, water, sand, branches of hardwood species can limit the spread of fire. You just need to throw them the edge of the fire.

  • Always in touch with other people
  • Cover your nose and mouth with rags or clothes
  • Accurately follow the orders of rescuers
  • Do not enter the room

When a natural fire approaches settlements, it is possible to declare evacuation of people. It is necessary to accurately follow the orders of rescuers and emergency workers.

2. 2. Fire Safety Rules

In the house, all windows, doors, windows should be closed tightly. You can moisturize them from time to time. Plug the slots with wet material. A sponge or porolon is good.

  • To prevent dehydration and to neutralize toxins, drink a lot of liquids.
  • Place the water container indoors and drink more liquid.
  •  Use special protective masks, respiratory devices or multilayer gauze bandages.
  • Stock up on the necessary medicines.

If you or your loved ones feel unwell, you should contact the nearest medical center or call an ambulance.

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